Seal Up Cracks In Your Concrete Before Winter Hits

10 December 2015
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Before winter really gets into full swing, you need to seal up any cracks in your concrete driveway, patio and foundation. If you leave the cracks alone, water will seep down in between the cracks all winter. When it freezes, the water that has seeped in will freeze and expand as well. This will lead to larger cracks. You can stop that process from happening by simply taking an hour or so to seal up any cracks in your concrete before winter weather really gets started. Read More 

Four Myths About Home Concrete Flooring

16 July 2015
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People often associate concrete flooring with unfinished basements or industrial warehouses. But concrete flooring is an excellent option for any room where you want a hard, durable floor. Easy to maintain and clean, they can also be very attractive. So don't fall for these common misconceptions about concrete flooring. Concrete is unattractive; maybe it's good for warehouse floors, but not inside a home. This might be the most common myth about concrete flooring, yet nothing could be further from the truth! Read More 

Custom Paving Ideas for Your Driveway

9 July 2015
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Your driveway doesn't have to be traditional concrete in style if you don't want it to be. There are ways you can incorporate cool paving ideas into your drive to make it as attractive as the rest of your property. You can use traditional concrete or upgrade to brick or clay pavers for a truly unique style that is all your own. Use this guide to help you choose a cool new driveway style you'll love. Read More 

Tips To Prevent House Fires, Injuries And Death

30 June 2015
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Hundreds of people die and thousands are injured annually because of house fires in Canada, and these fires can be prevented. If you want to make sure you're doing everything you can to help protect your home and family and prevent a fire, you may have to update your property. Here are a few tips and reminders that you want to apply when making your home as fireproof as it can be. Read More