Less Is Mortar: Ways To Beautify Your Home's Exteriors With Decorative Concrete

11 May 2016
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If you want to enhance your home's curb appeal, spruce up your exteriors with some decorative concrete features. From trimming a garden bed to installing an impromptu patio for weekend entertaining, there are many ways that you can do great things with a little bit of concrete. Talk with a concrete contractor about how you may do something special on your own property with new surfacing, borders, and trims.

Some ways to bring in some beauty with a little concrete include these suggestions:

Pretty paved borders. Decorating the edges of your gardens with concrete pavers brings a polished, finished look to your landscaping. Trim the edges of your driveway, paths, and patio with small, inexpensive pavers that are easy to install. Look for pavers with unique patterns, cool motifs, or cool colors.

Sweet stepping stones. Dress up your back yard with a rustic cement path through the lawn and garden. Buy concrete stepping stones from home and garden retailers, and space them around two to three feet apart to create a path to other features in the yard.

Safe and sophisticated textures. Talk with paving contractors about bringing a stylish and safe concrete surface to your driveway or yard. Consider investing in textured concrete surfaces, driveways, and patios, which will prevent slips and falls, and make your whole property a bit safer.

An impromptu patio. Want a patio this weekend? Talk to concrete contractors about the price of pouring a small concrete pad in your yard or near your house, and dress it up with some unique custom features. Add decorative tiles around the perimeter, or add wood benches along each wall to provide half-walls with seating.

Cohesive and coordinating colors. Another great way to use concrete to enhance your home's exteriors is with color coordination. Concrete contractors can stain concrete to match a wide-range of colors and to make it cohesive with your home's façade, shutters, or out-buildings. The new options available in stained concrete mean that homeowners no longer have to settle for plain, gray pavement around their property!

There are so many ways to improve the looks of your house with a little concrete. Talk with contractors about the many options that you have when looking at paving patios, paths, and driveways, or consider adding decorative concrete around your property for a fresh and finished look. Even a simple concrete border can improve the overall curb appeal of your home.