Building A Home With A Basement? Get A Great Customized Foundation

10 February 2016
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If you are building a home and you don't want to use standard cinder blocks or brick for the foundation, there are a few other options you can consider. You can get the strength and longevity of cement, but you can choose blocks that don't look like the traditional rectangles.

There are many different cinder block options you can look at with the foundation installation company. It may cost more to have these options added to the house, but the blocks will create a different look in your basement, which is ideal if you don't want to finish the walls.

Stone Pattern

There are concrete blocks that are embossed with shapes that resemble stones, so when you're in your basement it will look like you're next to a stone wall. This is a great way to make the basement look rustic and unique, and you won't have to worry about a basic cement block pattern around the space. The sizes of the stones and shapes will vary.

Patterned Shapes  

Instead of rectangular blocks, you can get cement blocks that are designed with different shapes, so it will look similar to a backsplash or mosaic pattern. These will look like they fit together like a puzzle, but actually come in larger sections. There are many small intricate patterns you can pick from, or larger options that look like chunks of slate.

Stain and Color

Concrete experts can even stain the foundation in different shades so that the blocks all look like they have aged or weathered differently. You can even have the entirety of the foundation stained to be a certain color. You can have custom logos or emblems put into the concrete, so you have your family initials or favorite sports team engraved on the wall for people to see when they enter the space. You can even have a bar or table poured from concrete to match.

Whenever you want something customized it's going to increase the cost to do the space, but a personalized or customized basement is going to look great in the home. Talk with the concrete contractors and the building professionals that are contracting your home to see what options are the best for the area where you live, and to see what options will improve the resale potential of your home in the future. Get estimates for the work you need done to make sure you get the best price on the project. Contact a business such as Kamloops Kemp Concrete Products for more information.