Seal Up Cracks In Your Concrete Before Winter Hits

10 December 2015
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Before winter really gets into full swing, you need to seal up any cracks in your concrete driveway, patio and foundation. If you leave the cracks alone, water will seep down in between the cracks all winter. When it freezes, the water that has seeped in will freeze and expand as well. This will lead to larger cracks. You can stop that process from happening by simply taking an hour or so to seal up any cracks in your concrete before winter weather really gets started.

Purchase Foam Backer Rods

For each large crack, you are going to need to purchase some foam backer rod. You can pick this up at your local hardware store. You'll need enough to shove into the length of each crack. If you have a lot of cracks to address, measure them out and add them up to determine how much foam backer rod you need to purchase. You can purchase large strips and cut them down to size.

Stuff The Foam Backer Rods In The Cracks

Once you have the foam backer rods, take them and stuff them into the gaps where the cracks are. Use a flat-headed screwdriver to push the foam into place. It should fit tightly into the crack; if it is really loose, you need to purchase thicker rods or put more than one rod into the gap.

Apply Urethane Caulk

Once the foam backer rods are in place, put on some gloves and get out the urethane caulk. Open the tube by snipping the corner at an angle. Then, squeeze it out in one fluid motion across the length of the crack. Next, use a caulking spreader to smooth it out. Wipe the caulking off the back of the spreader with a rag dipped in mineral spirits as needed.

Fill In The Small Cracks

Don't forget about the small cracks; they can easily turn into larger cracks. For very thin cracks, you don't need to stuff foam into them. All you need to do is apply some urethane caulking over the cracks to fill them in.

Let the caulk sit and dry overnight, then inspect your concrete again in the morning and make sure you didn't miss any gaps or need to reapply the caulk anywhere. Caulk and fill in any cracks in your concrete before it really starts to rain and snow a lot; that type of weather can easily make small cracks in your concrete turn into large ones.

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