Custom Paving Ideas for Your Driveway

9 July 2015
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Your driveway doesn't have to be traditional concrete in style if you don't want it to be. There are ways you can incorporate cool paving ideas into your drive to make it as attractive as the rest of your property. You can use traditional concrete or upgrade to brick or clay pavers for a truly unique style that is all your own. Use this guide to help you choose a cool new driveway style you'll love.

Add texture and design

Classic concrete and limestone can make your driveway stunning. Concrete contractors can build your driveway alternating thick stripes of cement and limestone to give your driveway an interesting appearance. The effect is a more textured, striped appearance that is alluring for many styles of homes. This is a great option to choose if you have a streamlined home and don't want to change the general look of your current cement driveway too much.

Space pavers wide apart

If you have a large landscape and want to blend your drive with your foliage, consider a widely-spaced brick paver design for parking your vehicles on. Contractors can space pavers several inches apart in a brick or checkered style, allowing dirt and grass to remain between them. As the grass grows in between your pavers, your driveway becomes almost transparent in design, giving your landscape a broader appeal.

If you want your driveway to still be noticeable even when your grass grows in, choose brick red, purple, black, or slate gray pavers instead of classic cement gray. This will make your new driveway design truly pop in this custom paving idea. This idea is best executed when installing a driveway for the first time, as existing concrete would need to be removed and grass planted in order to pull this idea off otherwise.

Check your driveway with color

Clay pavers come in a variety of colors so you can customize your drive anyway you want. Combine pretty purples and reds with hunter greens and blues, or alternate between light, dark, and medium grays. Have your contractors lay clay pavers along your driveway in a geometric design that blends well together from a distance to give your property a splash of color. Clay is perfect for a driveway due to its versatility and strength.

Your concrete contractors can help you choose the best driveway style for your needs. Whether you just want to punch up your current concrete or want to try something entirely new with color, you can reinvent your driveway by giving it the makeover it needs. For assistance, talk to a professional like Morpac Paving Ltd.