Tips To Prevent House Fires, Injuries And Death

30 June 2015
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Hundreds of people die and thousands are injured annually because of house fires in Canada, and these fires can be prevented. If you want to make sure you're doing everything you can to help protect your home and family and prevent a fire, you may have to update your property.

Here are a few tips and reminders that you want to apply when making your home as fireproof as it can be.

Fire Detectors

Everyone should know to have detectors in the home, but some don't know you should test the detectors and replace the batteries annually. If you don't have fire detectors, then get them installed and choose a model that has gas detection as well. Some fire departments have programs to install and give you new detectors if you can't afford to buy them.


Seal the windows, vents, attic, doors and foundation with a firestop caulk. This caulk is going to expand during a fire to stop gas and smoke from spreading throughout the house. You should use the fire resistant caulking anywhere caulking is needed in the home. It can work as a barrier against moisture and pests as well. Certified contractors, such as those at Walser Contracting Ltd demolition, can inform and help you with firestop caulk, including servicing your house so that it is sealed with firestop caulk.


Replace your old insulation with new insulation that gets the top fire safety rating, so you know your insulation between the walls and throughout the roof isn't going to catch fire if you have a fire in your home. Old, outdated insulation may not be fire resistant, and it could be a huge fire risk in your home.

Electrical Inspection

If the electrical system in your home is outdated or aging, you should have it inspected by an electrician. You may have a faulty breaker or dangerous wiring that could be a fire hazard. You should also have the electrical components of the appliances looked at, and the gas lines, to make sure your furnace or other units aren't at risk.

Make sure that everyone in your family knows how to react if there is a fire, and you should have a fire hydrant somewhere in the home. There are a lot of things that can cause a fire in the living space, and you can do your best to prevent a fire that damages your home, neighborhood and more. Talk with a fire specialist if you have other concerns about a fire starting in your home, or if you are looking for more ways to prevent a fire in your home.